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Carole Devereux c 2019


Our work


A telepathic animal communication consultation is a satisfying way to experience direct, two-way communication with animals. Telepathy offers insight into an animal's thoughts and feelings, and clients often begin to reconnect with their own profound perceptions of love, compassion, truth and respect, as a result of their first consultation.

Once an animal has passed on, he or she can open your heart to a whole new world, filled with previously unimaginable possibilities. Whether or not you believe in heaven, during an After Life  Consultation you can experience a loving reconnection with your animal and share the experience of healing joy together.

Grief is real, both on the physical and emotional level. When we reach out during a time of grief we can become connected to the Divine Oneness that flows between all life. This healing re-balancing energy eases our sense of powerlessness and sadness . When grief shadows us, we can surrender to love and learn how to let our light shine brightly again.

Carole and Buddy ~ 1995

About Me


Early in my career as an Animal Communicator in 1997, I discovered a deep telepathic bond with my horse, Buddy. That connection began a fifteen-year adventure into the world of animal communication and equine mysticism. When Buddy began telling stories about equine spirituality, I accepted the challenge to accelerate my own conscious evolution by listening to and recording our conversations. As I came to know a direct experience of the Divine through him, a book began to take form titled: Spirit of the Horse:The New Myths of Equus. It is available on Amazon. com.
          After five years of study with leading Animal Communicators, Penelope Smith and Dr. Jeri Ryan, I started presenting my own animal communication workshops. That's when I began to translate Buddy's teachings for clients and students across the United States, and the world. The wisdom he conveyed was timeless and profound, and many lives were forever changed.
         From 1991 to 2007, Buddy was a mythic figure for me. The serenity students felt from his teachings helped them to face serious illness, career changes, painful relationships and the various challenges that spiritual growth requires us to face on our path toward enlightenment.
         In a rare glimpse into equine consciousness, our book SPIRIT OF THE HORSE: The New Myths of Equus reflects the deep well of compassion that horses show for humanity in the 21st century. Through their myths and stories of the prehistoric past, and my female horse's vision, readers are opened in stages to the wisdom of the Goddess of the Horse. 
         Since we became an agrarian society we have separated ourselves from this deep pool of wisdom. Told in their own words, the horse's stories emphasize the grace, boldness and healing ability we all embody, inspiring us to experience our sacred origins through personal soul mythology.           
         Sparking readers to find the courage, through writing exercises and guided visualizations, SPIRIT OF THE HORSE inspires us to continue traveling on our path toward spiritual enlightenment.

What is Animal Communication

Animal Communication is an ability people have to tune into an animal's thoughts, feelings, and emotions using intuition, telepathy and empathy. Animal Communication is about learning to care for another soul more deeply. It helps children and adults know and show reverence for all life. It teaches us how to value life in ways that foster openness and compassion. For children, it holds a positive message that challenges the old myths surrounding animals, such as, "cats have nine lives." Instead it teaches empathy, and the truth, that animals, like all living things, need love as much as food, water and shelter. For adults, it fosters an appreciation for the less warm and fuzzy creatures, such as snakes, spiders and worms, and it offers insight into the multifaceted relationships that exist between the visible and invisible worlds.

Everyone is capable of communicating telepathically with nonhumans, but humans need to be open and more willing to listen deeply. Telepathy is a natural ability we all share, but as humans we have been socially conditioned to deny the ability is true and real, and we quickly lose it in early childhood when it begins to manifest simply because we want to "fit in."


Humans, of all ages, who are caring, kind, sensitive and receptive can recover this ability to communicate with animals by experiencing telepathic communication through a professional, experienced communicator, and through professional training and daily practice.


Some people believe an "animal psychic," knows everything about them or an animal or, worse, about their personal lives! This is not true. The word psychic means "soul" or "spirit." Telepathic communication is a psychic communication because it is a connection with the soul or spirit of an animal and the person. This includes their thoughts, feelings, and spiritual qualities. It is the same as having a heart-to-heart talk with another human being. The perspective is wholly unique.

While a communicator perceives a lot about an animal in an initial consultation, Carole focuses only on the issues at hand. Clients can be assured their privacy will not be invaded. It is a safe and non-threatening method for understanding the issues. You then begin to learn what your animal is thinking and feeling.


I am trained in the ethics of counseling and was professionally guided for 10 years by Dr. Jeri Ryan and Penelope Smith, both internationally known Animal Communicators. Dr. Ryan is a psychotherapist in private practice for over 25 years in Oakland California, and Penelope Smith was a social worker prior to practicing Animal Communication.

Your session will begin with a short talk about what you would like to communicate to your animal. And, if you have a lot of questions, it is a good idea to prioritize them and write them down. The intention of each consultation is to help the person and the animal reach a deeper, more satisfying understanding and bond and help each one know and share each others unique perspective.

I work with animal's viewpoints and emotional attitudes first by asking your questions and then listening to what the animal has to communicate, in thoughts, feelings or pictures.

Direct, telepathic communication can shed light on many different situations and animals are often happier when their person begins to understand them better. You will understand more about the situation from the animal's outward behavior when telepathic communication fills in the picture.

I work with my clients to resolve misunderstandings, behavior problems, and the emotional aspects of illnesses and injuries that do not respond well to veterinary medicine. I advise on diet and nutrition, and help balance your animal's energy using non-invasive Shamanic energy that I learned while in training with Rosayln Bruyere, nationally recognized spiritual healer at the Healing Light Center in Los Angeles, California.

Consultations are strictly confidential. Yet if a client wishes, he/she can bring a friend or family member to provide emotional support if it is comfortable for both the client and the animal.

Cartoon Animal
Napoleon Dog
Peeping Dog

How to Make an Appointment

To schedule a phone consultation, please email including a few days/times that you can comfortably talk for about 60 to 90 minutes for your session. You may also describe your concerns in an email along with a picture of your animal, if you have one. I will respond to requests the same day. We will make an appointment for a specific day/time to discuss your situation for about 15 minutes. Then I allow you to hang up while I communicate with the animal. I write down the conversation I have with the animal and read it to you when you call me back. 

I note what you need/want to tell/ask your animal, and record the conversation when I speak to your animals. When you call me back, I discuss the conversation with you and digitally record it and email it to you after the session.


At that time, if you have any other questions I can tune into your animal while you are on the phone as well as any other animals in the house to verify the information I am receiving. This process takes anywhere from 45 to 90 minutes for a new person/animal.  Established or follow-up clients may set shorter appointments, but not less than 1/2 hour.

If a follow-up session is needed to complete the process I let you know during your initial session.


I guarantee my work with a promise of complete satisfaction. I am rarely asked for a refund, however, I do try to make adjustments if I feel it is necessary.  

Please create a list of things you want to discuss with your animal prior to our session. If you like, you can email the list to me before your session. But, I cannot read several pages of concerns beforehand. Please prioritize your list to keep it concise and to make the most of our time together.

Below is a story my mare Ellie wrote about The Goddess and The Child. This excerpt appears in my book Spirit of the Horse: The New Myths of Equus

Ellie: In creative acts of play the child invokes the Goddess within him or herself. This is where all children connect at the soul level, where the soul begins to teach the child. This is true for all species on Earth, not just humans.

When a baby is engaged in "deep play" his/her mind comes alive and the heart opens. The body follows the act of what it sees, hears, tastes, smells and touches. These are the entry ways through which God/Goddess interacts physically and spiritually with all life on Earth. It's not as complicated as we might think.

To activate, in "deep play," one of the physical senses, is to engage the higher self and invite its participation into our lives. Through smell, taste, touch, sight and hearing, it is these five senses that inform us of the level to which we are attuned in the moment. If a child is connecting all his/her senses to the heart and mind, we say the child is grounded, balanced. . . in a word, happy.

If the child finds delight and pleasure beyond normal sensory input, this feeling can become a pathway for the child to learn how to control his/her five senses from a higher level, for a higher purpose. And, the child then develops his/her extra-sensory awareness. The purpose for this extra sensory awareness, however, is totally unknown to children at the time, but they do it anyway. It is often difficult for adults to engage in simple acts of play when we mature because adults tend to depend a great deal upon the use of logic. We think we need to have a practical purpose for everything we do and find it hard to let go of this concept.

To develop extra-sensory awareness in children is to open them to genius, to brilliance, to flow experiences, to love, joy and healing, and to a deeper contact with their inner God/Goddess. This is a life-long path and needs to begin early in Earthly beings.

As for young horses, we are taught to listen very carefully to every sound we hear in nature above all our other senses. Human-made sounds are less valuable to us, and often we fear or shun them. We hear all bird songs, and earth songs, seeds cracking open, and grass growing under our feet. The leaves blow their songs into the breeze. These are a symphony of love to a horse and we cherish their continued effects on Earth.

We would preserve these sounds for our future children as they hold the deeper messages that humans cannot hear, have tuned out, or have filtered and shut out. Just think if the leaves could speak to you. Ask a child to begin learning the language of trees, clouds, water, and streams. Rivers flow over rocks and they talk as they go. Go within to know how the blood flows through the rivers of your body and listen to it talking. All life does not have to be audible. Many in nature talk in silence, like the bird talking to the wind with its wings held high, stretched over the flow of air that carries it from one tree to the next.

Once you are familiar with the ways of nature, from years of observation and personal interaction, you will become less intrusive, less disruptive and the children will learn to allow nature to teach them about the nature inside of themselves.

Drawing of Rabbit
Golden retriever


Carole Devereux

La Center, WA

Pacific Time


FEE: $150.00 for 90 minute session. 

I use Paypal for payment. Please click on this link. Paypal

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